What is your typical process, for training with a new dog and his or her family? 

Private lessons are customized to each dog and owner and there is no set process. In our board and train programs, the process of training begins with an evaluation of your dog and the issues unique to your household and setup. This is done at pickup of your dog and the start of training. Your dog will spend anywhere from 2-6 weeks with us depending on the program you have selected. During that time your dog will receive daily walks, training and diligent care in a comfortable home, not a dog kennel. You will receive weekly video updates and are welcome to reach out to us at any time to check in on your dog. Upon completion of training, you will receive a lesson in your home (usually approximately 2 hours) to reintegrate your dog into your home and transfer the training over to you. 

I will miss my dog and my dog will miss me! Is it really a good idea to send my dog away for training?

Yes, definitely! It’s akin to a child going away to summer camp, not only do they come back with new skills but a new perspective as well. They see a little bit more of the world and in the process gain confidence, social skills and of course an extensive set of skills for being a good member of the household. 

How much training time will my dog receive every day? 

Approximately 2 hours per day in training sessions. This is broken up into many sessions throughout the day. However, every minute of every day is a learning experience. Even during the times your dog is resting, there are rules! Training sessions, appropriate socialization, daily walks, hanging out in the dog yard enjoying the outdoors, being calm in the house and following the house rules make for a very full day. 

My friend says that an e-collar is a shock collar, and it’s mean to dogs. What’s up with that? You really use those things?

The e-collars of today are absolutely nothing like the shock collars from years ago. Those collars had a couple of settings—usually high and higher. Today’s e-collars are dramatically different, with hundreds of levels of stimulation. The dog’s daily or “working” level is almost always below that which can be detected by a human. This is effectively less pressure than the dog receives on a flat collar and leash. The ability to reach out and tap your dog on the shoulder across a field opens their lives up to more freedom than they can enjoy on a leash. 

Other trainers say they can get the work done in half the time as you, why are your programs longer?

It is our firm belief that thoughtful and thorough training takes time. As the saying goes, “if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.”