Board and Train



Why Board and Train?

Are you considering a board and train for your dog, but think the “right” thing to do is to do it yourself?

Do you feel guilty sending your dog away?

Are you afraid you will miss your dog too much, or that your dog will be sad without you?


The truth is that for ANY dog, a board and train with private lessons during and after the program is the best option available. You will be giving your dog the absolute best opportunity, the opportunity to work with a professional dog trainer around the clock in a comfortable private home.


It is my belief that all dogs should leave their home for a stretch of time for many reasons. I am so passionate about this belief that even as a professional dog trainer, my own personal dogs must leave home for at least a month of time to gather a host of experiences that will differ from what they will see with me. While I don't need mine to be trained, I need them to get the other part- the experience of leaving home and enjoying themselves away from me. You should not feel guilty giving your dog this incredible opportunity for growth and development.


In a high quality, home based, professional board and train program, your dog will be exposed to a whole new environment. This is a very, very good thing! Every home smells and looks different, people sound different, the routines are different. This provides an opportunity for your dog to come to learn that new things are really not a big deal. Even better, that they are fun! I tell people that it's comparable to going to camp or to spending time with a relative as a kid. The first day, you may have been a bit wary of the new setting and feel a touch of homesickness, but very quickly you got accustomed to the rhythms of the new place and began to enjoy it. As an adult, you may look back fondly on those times and cite them as a period of personal growth. Exposure to new things and places is critical. For a dog, doing these things “on their own” (without their owners) increases mental strength and stability, develops and enhances character and provides a host of newly learned skills and behaviors. An incredible broadening of horizons.


Dogs here are treated as our very own beloved pets. Shy dogs come out of their shells, anxious dogs learn to relax, and pushy dogs learn that good manners are the key to great things. They live with us in our home, spend time with our friends and family just like your dog does at home. The big difference is that we will have them experience these everyday things in a whole new way. Lying down on a place bed while we cook dinner, greeting our guests in a calm state of mind, talking daily structured walks without reacting to other people or dogs, coming to us when we call them every single time without exception. They will learn basic commands, at first with low distractions in a neutral environment, and then with increasing levels of distraction. At the same time we will also slowly increase the length of time they are doing these behaviors. The syllabus is different for each program, but the principals remain the same- teaching everything with food or toys first, then teaching how to properly yield to a leash, and then layering low level electronic stimulation over the leash work. We use rewards throughout the dog's entire program. This creates confident, motivated, happy dogs who work willingly for their owners for the rest of their lives. 


Board and trains are a series of partnerships between trainer, owner and dog. These partnerships are the most critical piece of the dog training. We will work together during and after your board and train, and will be here for you for the lifetime of your dog.




 Package programs are listed below. We encourage you to fill out our contact form and we will call you for a no-charge phone consultation.

We also offer custom priced “a la carte” weekly rate programs as well as lower priced longer term programs.



Clean Slate Program $1,800

This program is for dogs and puppies six months of age or older. This program is designed for dogs who may be missing manners, but without major behavioral issues. If your dog or puppy has developed any bad behaviors we will replace them with desirable behaviors. We will teach them reliable obedience that will turn them into the dream dog you've always wanted. 

We will teach them everything they need to know using our rewards based marker training system. We teach a stationary basic position (sit or down), stay, come, heel, kennel (load into a crate), loose leash walking, and all basic manners (wait at doors until released, greet without jumping.) Your dog will come when called every time with total reliability. With new manners in the house and out and about, will have a dog that you truly enjoy living with, and that you would be proud to take anywhere with you. 


  • Pick up evaluation and assessment in your home

  • Two weeks boarding, two weeks training

  • Video progress reports

  • Drop off reintegration lesson in your home

  • Two follow up lessons in our facility

  • Educator low level remote collar

  • On-leash collar

  • Unlimited lifetime support


 Immersion Program $3,500

An intensive motivational obedience and manners program for dogs and puppies six months of age or older. This program allows for your dog's natural motivators to be used to aid him in the process of learning and retaining his training. In this program we begin with a week of training with food or toys- giving us the time to find out what is truly motivating and to develop and enhance these desires. As those desires are fulfilled, other negative behaviors ease away as your dog's mental and physical energy needs are fulfilled. In the second week we teach your dog to yield to the leash as part of his newly learned behaviors. In the third week we layer low level electric collar stimulation over the already learned behaviors- sit, down, stay, come, heel, kennel up, place and basic manners (wait at doors until released, properly greet new people without jumping, walk nicely on a leash.) In the fourth week we proof these behaviors out in the "real world" to proof and enhance the understanding of the behaviors. This program gives your dog the ability to learn at his own pace and sets your dog up for success with additional repetitions, more opportunities for learning and a true shift in mindset for his return home.

This is a transformative program that will give you the dog you have always wanted, a dog you can take anywhere and be proud of, a dog that will always listen and respond to the behaviors you ask for- no leash required. Your dog will come every time you call, walk politely beside you without a leash, wait patiently in a sit or down until you give a release command, and do the many other things we will teach with total reliability. Having a dog with this level of obedience is truly an incredible experience. 

This is a flat rate, results based program. Training time is expected to be 4-6 weeks in length.


  • Pick up evaluation and assessment in your home

  • 4-6 weeks boarding and training

  • Nutrition and fitness evaluation and introduction to canine conditioning exercises and equipment

  • Video progress reports

  • Weekly lessons during your dog's board and train in our facility (after completion of week 1)

  • Drop off reintegration lesson in your home

  • Any follow up lessons you or your dog needs over the next year, in our facility or with video call, including teaching new commands if desired

  • Educator low level remote collar

  • Collar and leash selected specifically for you and your dog's unique needs

  • Elevated place bed

  • Unlimited lifetime support





Puppy Head Start - For puppies under 6 months of age- Rates vary

This program will be customized to you and your puppy's individual needs and length of time will vary depending on your goals and timeline. Short term programs will establish the basics of our obedience system and lay the foundation for house manners and appropriate socialization. Longer programs will give your puppy a well rounded introduction to the world, the foundation for a confident and stable dog. It is never to early to start the work of training your puppy to become exactly the kind of dog you want to have in the years ahead. Housebreaking, socialization, imprinting, starting the foundations of obedience and basic manners will be a part of your puppy's every waking minute with us. 

Behavior Modification- Rates vary

Based on the nature of this type of work, rates for these programs will be set on a case by case basis. Availability is limited.

Length of time in training, equipment needs, and other variables will be tailored to your dog's individual needs. Contact us for further information. 

Refresher Training- Any dog that has been through one of our board and train programs is always welcome back for refresher training. Rather than boarding your dog in a kennel or at a veterinary facility, send your dog back to us for a fun and stress free experience. 

Rates vary depending on training needs, basic refresher training is $50 per night, one week minimum.


  • Comfortable boarding in our home

  • Appropriate socialization with other dogs and people

  • Daily exercise