Adrienne Chiaramonte Mesko


I grew up on a Morgan horse farm in New York’s Hudson Valley. Training horses was my passion during my youth and I devoted nearly all of my time to my training and competition goals. I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to show and place at the national and world level in my teens. I did a bit of dog training as well, showing our family dogs at fairs and community events, though dogs were somewhat in the background during those years. Eventually my family got out of breeding and training horses and my interest in dogs grew. Through the many years of employment in the arts and hospitality, I owned and trained many of my own dogs. My interest in training dogs grew in 2011 when I adopted Benny, a fearful dog who bit my husband John on his first night in our home. Though I always had a natural “way” with dogs, I lacked the ability to articulate anything helpful to my husband and sent him and Benny out to one of the big-box pet stores for 6 weeks of lessons. None of the training he received proved to be reliable, and we sought out a more effective training system. I discovered the work of Michael Ellis and was instantly hooked. 

In 2012 I began competing in agility with Benny and in 2014 I attended the Michael Ellis School of Dog Trainers in Fairfield, California. From 2015-2016 I completed a two-year apprenticeship with Todd Dunlap. During that time I learned the science of dog training and how to apply it to any training goal. Through training lots and lots of both sport and pet dogs, I developed an enriched understanding of dog behavior. I returned home to the Hudson Valley armed with the knowledge to tackle even the most difficult training issue. 

In 2016, inspired to improve relationships with dogs and their owners, I began my own company, MondioPup, in Dover Plains, NY. MondioPup means world pup. It is my commitment to prepare you and your dog for the world that lies ahead. By tapping into your dog’s natural desires, we create happy, obedient dogs that are easy to live with. It is my goal to bring better training to the lives of dogs and dog owners, improving communication and making life with a dog what it should be—fun!


BFA - Rhode Island School of Design

Member International Association of Canine Professionals